Are you a professional of African, Caribbean or Asian ancestry with skills you can share with professional colleagues in Africa?

Interims for Development is seeking professionals to share the benefits of their experience through short-tem Interim assignments in Africa. 

Interims for Development was founded by Africans in the Diaspora who are committed to assisting the development of our countries of origin. We are therefore keen to register African and other ethnic minority professionals as Interims. Many of you have extended families living in Africa or other developing economies and often take a more personal interest in contributing to development.

If you have perhaps wanted a chance to experience life in Africa or to invest your expertise back home, we would like to offer you the opportunity to share your professional skills with others. Through an Interim assignment, you will have the chance to spend a short period working within Africa and gaining a unique perspective into business practice and Africa today.

African communities have a strong culture of sharing and assisting and it is this spirit of mutual support that we wish to harness on behalf of African organisations. With your help, we can support the efforts being made by Africans to build on the skills and technological base of the continent. 

While many of our assignments may be offered on a fee-paying basis, we encourage Interims to also register with us for assignments that may be on a voluntary and expenses-paid only basis. 

Whatever your professional background, we would like to hear from you as there may be an organisation waiting for the experience you have to offer. 

Contact us to discuss how you can support development in Africa.

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