Is your organisation seeking to develop international business leaders with knowledge of emerging markets?

Emerging markets are proving the key to increased profits, market share and growth for many international and multinational companies. Despite the widespread over-emphasis of risk to investors, Africa can and does frequently offer considerable returns on investment. 

International Executive Development

What works at home, however, doesn’t necessarily work abroad and operating in emerging markets can be tricky. Failed assignments are costly and are often the result of insufficient preparation and understanding of these new markets. Finding the right approach to doing business in these markets is essential, especially when the employees involved lack familiarity of these countries and cultures. 

One solution to the problem is to give your executives an opportunity to spend a short period working in a developing country and gaining a unique inside track into the business practices and cultural norms of a different society.

An assignment with Interims for Development, while raising the corporate profile of your organisation, will provide an excellent training and networking ground for the talent you have earmarked for international development to understand the markets they are entering. Your managers will develop their skills and knowledge while forging new competencies in leadership and management across diverse cultures.

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